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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was originally developed by employers and unions in the early 1990s, primarily in the union concentrated states of California, New York and Illinois. Legislation created the legal alternative to the statutory system, granting employers and unions in the construction industry the authority to “carve out” the current statutory system and implement an alternative workers’ compensation system through collective bargaining.

In California, Labor Code 3201.5 effective July 1993, permitted the establishment of a program whereas, a union and an employer or group of employers in the construction industry could collectively bargain to create an alternative to statutory workers’ compensation using ADR. The use of ADR by Unions grew over time for one simple reason: IT WORKS.

The PCSA, Inc. ADR Workers’ Compensation Program began in early 1994 with the signing of the Workers’ Compensation Agreement between…

If you have any questions regarding the operation of the P.I.P.E. ADR Group Workers’ Compensation Program, please contact the Program Administrator, Chris R. Reinhardt, CIC at (800) 864-6623 or email.


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